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Community Vitality, Community Confidence: Official Languages Research Forum : Analysis and Discussion on GPC International Survey on Attitudes and Perceptions of Official Languages

Written by Louis-Patrick St-Pierre :: [Thursday, 27 October 2005 16:17] Last updated by Josée Guignard Noel :: [Wednesday, 28 October 2015 09:18]
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Year: 2005 Authors and Collaborators
  • ; Floch, William
  • ; Frenette, Yves
  • Research Themes Official languages
    Community Vitality
    City: , Gatineau Publishing Company: , Canadian Heritage Abstract
    This multidisciplinary research series offers current information and many reference sources on all aspects of official languages in Canada.

    Notes : "An initiative by the Department of Canadian Heritage with the Réseau de recherche sur la francophonie canadienne, under the direction of William Floch and Yves Frenette".